DIY of fantastic and cost-effective Macaron Boxes

There are many ways by which you can make your macaron boxes at home. They can easily be created by using household items, which makes them more cost-effective.
custom macaron boxes
Macaron Boxes
Let’s be real, we love food. As people are getting more up to date about different trends, due to the convenience of the internet. Many different cuisines are getting into practice throughout the world. For example, a French sweet dish is recently evolving around the world. And what adds beauties to their presentation is their ideal Macaron boxes. They are a unique case that is specially crafted to protect the edibles. As their functionality and demand are increasing, many physical stores offer readily available packets in the market. You can use them in either to store them or to even use them to gift your loved ones. In case you do not have much time and money to purchase them, you could make your pack at home. This way, they can be more economical and durable. Following the five simple and easy ways, by which you can make your DIY pack:

Slid box

Wholesale macaron boxe
Macaron Slid Boxes
To make Pink Macaron Boxes, you will need cardboard papers, a pencil, a ruler, colorful wrap, glue and scotch tape. To start the process you have to make a separate base and it’s cover. To begin, make a rectangular base that will hold the items in a row form. To make one, take the exact dimension, in terms of the width, of the respective edible item. Cut board according and join them together with the help of glue to make the double-walled quadrilateral bottom. And for the top cover, use cardboard paper and make it a bit bigger cover in which you can insert your sliding panel. To make one, simply take a square sheet and wrap it around the sliding base to have an exact outer cover. Once you have the folding marks on that paper, you can further secure their shape with the help of a tape. When you have completed making both the cases, you can cover them using a shaded wrap to provide it a beautiful look. After completing your article making, you can place your items in a row form into the base and slid it in the cover case to provide better protection in a manner-able way.

Flip Box

Pink Macron Boxes
Macaron Flip Box
Another way is to make a cover, that is similar to macaron boxes US. To make one you will require, cardboard paper, a marker, a scale, a pair of scissors. To begin, firstly lay the paper onto a flat surface. Then fold the top and bottom of the paper inwards for about 2 inches. After this, bring one corner of the paper inwards close to the folded area. Repeat this procedure for the other side as well. Once you are done with the folding, you will have two parallel fold blind in the center of the paper. After this, mark the areas that would be bent the whole paper to give it a box shape. With the help of scissors, cut the sidelines to bend and fold the box. After you have cut out the sides, use glue and secure the base of the container to give it a square figure. And do the same for the top lid. Once the glue is dried, you will have your simple box. You can further beautify its appearance by wrapping it in printed wraps. And you can also add some supportive materials to make the base strong.

Sectioned box

macaron boxes us
Macron Sectioned Box
To make a custom macaron boxes, you will need, paperboard, a paper-cutter, a pencil, a ruler, adhesive tapes, an empty container, cover or decoration items and glue. To start the process, cut out the paperboard to make three partitions panes. Once you have parallel partitions, take one partition and mark two cuts in a way, that they have equal distance between. In this way, you will have three sections on it. But do not cut the whole item, rather leave some space in the bottom. For the other two binders, provide a cut in the center. Once you have finished making the respective cuts, vertically place the longer divider into the center of the box. And in between their cut-gaps, place the other two slits to make barriers. To further secure their placement you can use glue at their ends and their joints so that they will not be able to move. Let the adhesive dry. And after that, you can decorate the case by either wrapping it different covers or by pasting some stickers. There you have your very own segmented case.

Ecological container

eco friendly macaron boxes,
Macaron Box
To make Eco-friendly macaron boxes you can simply use a corrugated box, a pair of scissors, coloring items, newspapers, paste, and signs or labels. To make one, at first take an empty case and paste newspapers on its all outer sides with the help of a paste. Let the whole item dry so that you will not spill the cover. Once it is dry dye the whole article by using white paint. Let it dry. After that, outline the designs you want to make on it. When you have completed the sketch. Start coloring it by either using color pencils, crayons or even paints. You can additionally redecorate the article by either pasting some signs or labels as well. And is this way, you will a special crafted case.

Display box

Window macaron Boxes,
Macaoon Window Boxes
You can make Window macron Boxes easily at home. To make one, you will need a paper-cutter, a plastic sheet, a scale, a marker, a vacant carton, and fabric cover. To begin, mark the area in the front panel, that you want to cut to provide the preview of placed items. Then, with the help of a cutter, take out a marked area. In the inside, of the case, paste the plastic sheet inside of the case to give transparent visual outside. You can also wrap the whole case by using textured covers to give it a more lovely appearance as well.
And if you do not want to make one by yourself. You can order wholesale macaron boxes from many online websites. And by ordering them in bulk orders they provide you free shipping and transportation. This way, you can have economical cases at your doorstep.


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